Nitro Ice Cream

Ever been genuinely excited by ice cream? Maybe you’ve been excited for ice cream on a hot day or excited to wash your hands after that ice cream melted on that hot day but we would be willing to be you’ve never had an experience quite like our new Nitro Ice Cream.

Combining the showmanship of science experiments with the sheer pleasure of outstandingly creamy ice cream, Nitro Ice Cream is the best way to enjoy and experience ice cream.

The first concept for Nitro Ice Cream dates all the way back to 1901 where a budding food scientist called Agnes B. Marshall decided that the traditional method of making ice cream was not as good as it could be. With this in mind, she decided to throw the rule book out and flash freeze using liquid nitrogen creating the smallest possible ice crystals and locking in the creamy flavour.

Things have certainly changed since Miss Marshall’s time now we have perfected the techniques to make Nitro Ice Cream the quickest, creamiest and most exciting way to enjoy ice cream.