About Tubbees

Established in 2019, Tubbees is a brand new dessert bar in Glasgow, Scotland, offering up a complete cornucopia of amazing desserts to delight you and your family.

When we set out to create Tubbees we had one goal in mind, great desserts in the highly competitive world of sweet treats on the streets. Our captains on this journey decided that we needed 3 things.

  1. Delicious desserts – Most important was the great desserts we would offer. So, with that in mind, we hired our master baker with LOADS of experience designing, creating and crafting amazing desserts. Now with the store open she’s constantly busy making sure you’ll love her creations with every bite!
  2. Great premises – We had to figure out where we wanted to set up shop because it’s all good and well having the best desserts around but if no one can get to them then you might as well not bother! Our first store was set up in 2019 inside the RaceTrack service station on Paisley Road West. Using this established service station allows us to ensure plenty of people will get to see and enjoy our beautiful desserts and cakes.
  3. Loyal fans – Thanks to the ever evolving world of social media we can now reach a massive number of people at the click of a mouse. We are always looking new ways to communicate with you and show off our handy work.

With all of these in place it is only a matter of time until we take over the world… of Scottish professional desserts.